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Richard Hammond was almost fired from Top Gear

Clarkson, Hammond and May are inseparable and unique trio. However, there was a period when instead of a trio it could eventually be only a duo.

Richard Hammond debuted in the first episode of the new version of Top Gear, which premiered on October 20, 2002. In the program’s history is also the only presenter, which appeared in all 227 episodes of the program, because Jeremy Clarkson did not appear in the last.

After the first season’s release, it was not certain whether Hammond would have an extended contract with the BBC. This shocking news reveled Andy Wilman, the show’s former executive producer, and now The Grand Tour’s executive producer.

“For a while, for some reason I cannot fathom, the BBC management had a wobble about Richard staying and, in their usual classic HR style, said to him in December: ‘We may not want you back for the second series, but, anyway, have a good Christmas’.”

Ultimately, Hammond did not lose his job and appeared in the second season of the show. It was probably related to the departure of Jason Dawe, one of the original Top Gear presenters. It is possible that the BBC did not want to hire two new presenters.

„There was no doubt that Richard would stay, it was about this time we had another visit from the BBC Meddling Department, who told us that market research showed our show was attracting young, lifestyle, trendy viewers to BBC Two, so perhaps we should think about getting a young, lifestyle, trendy presenter.

Ever keen to assist, we searched high and low and eventually came up with just the man – James May.”

Source: The Guardian

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4 months 15 days ago

TOP GEAR-kultowy niezaprzeczalnie program-jest wart funta kłaków bez takich postaci jak Clarcson,Hammond i May,oni już teraz są legendami a BBC przez głupią ambicję i wspomnianą głupotę straciło najlepsze show w historii każdej telewizji.